ZOË - Amour Fou the Remixes

Amour Fou (The Remixes)

On 15th of May ZOË’s new EP was released on all streaming platforms worldwide! The three different variations invite you to move your body to cool beats and rhythmical drops. Listen on SPOTIFY!


Isi & Ossi on Netflix!

ZOË plays together with Lisa Vicari and Dennis Mojen in the new Netflix movie “Isi & Ossi”. It’s a german movie about teenager love and growing up in a rich family. Laughter guaranteed! Watch it on Netflix now.

ZOËs Baby

Baby News

On 4th of February little Viktor was born in a hospital in Vienna. Zoë and her fiance Kaspar are overwhelmed, Viktor is the child of their dreams: “We are more than happy, to finally meet our little one”

C’est la Vie

„With C’est la Vie, I want to invite the listeners to take an imaginary walk with me through Paris. C’est La vie is a track about the ups and downs in life. When everything seems to be broken, don’t worry, and it will be alright soon!“ – ZOË C’est la Vie has more than 8 […]