ZOË’s remake of “Loin d’ici”

“Loin d’ici”, the Eurovision Song Contest hit by the Austrian participant ZOË from 2016, gets a makeover, just in time for the ESC 2022 in Turin. This new version, called “Loin d’ici (far from here)”, will be released on 6th of May with new English verses by newcomer Leonardo Davi.  He manages to breathe new […]

ZOË - Zoe Straub - Rêverie - Cover

ZOË’s new song “Rêverie” is out now!

ZOË is back with a brand new song! Make yourself comfortable, close your eyes and enjoy ZOË’s “Rêverie”. Light, airy and summery, the 24-year-old Viennese takes her listeners for 3 minutes into a world full of relaxation and tranquility. A musical oasis in stressful everyday life. Listen to “Rêverie” on Spotify here!